Land rental option

PV land rental option – earn rent from solar panels installed on your land or roof

In response to market conditions, Spectrum developed a solar PV land rental option for those businesses and land owners who are unable to make the financial commitment for the supply and installation of their own solar PV system.

Leasing your land or roof to an established, reliable firm like Spectrum Energy Systems, you are guaranteed to earn in the region of £750-£1,000 per acre, per year if we’re able to install solar panels onto your land or onto the roof of a suitable building that you own. This income is guaranteed for approximately 20 years, is RPI linked and is pure profit.

As a guide, for Spectrum to develop a land rental option, we require:

  • A minimum of 25 acres
  • Land to be flat or have a south facing slope
  • Land should be reasonably firm – not water logged or prone to flooding
  • Sound roof construction
  • Roof to have atleast a 20 year life remaining
  • Have minimal shading from trees, hedges and nearby buildings
  • Is the land outside an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)?
  • Is the site near transmission lines or a substation?
  • Be available to lease for approximately 20 years.

The green electricity generated by the solar panels is sold back to the national grid or supplied directly to a local high energy user.

If you are interested in land rental for solar PV, Spectrum will oversee the entire development process in-house and will also install the solar panels at a time that suits you. We are MCS accredited installers and currently installing approximately 50kW of solar PV per week.

By leasing your land to Spectrum, you’ll benefit from an established firm with over 15 years experience and a strong track record for developing commercial projects across the UK.

If you are interested in a land lease for wind turbines, please see Wind Turbine Land Lease page.





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